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What is the WPC Vinyl Flooring

· Best known for being water resistant

· One of the most popular flooring options for commercial spaces & businesses

· Low maintenance

· WPC = Wood Plastic Composite (sometimes called “Waterproof Core”)

· WPC core won’t ripple, swell, or peel

· Printed Vinyl Layer makes the vinyl look identical to natural materials (wood)

· Wear layer protects floor from dents, scratches, etc. The thicker the layer, the better

· When looking at vinyl flooring, look at plank thickness & wear layer thickness

· All WPC products are considered LVT but not all LVT is WPC

WPC is a thicker plank b/c it’s denser, will feel sturdier, more substantial beneath feet, covers up a poor subfloor, provides more resiliency & durability making it comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, makes it more likely to withstand the test of time

Since this flooring is water resistant, it can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, commercial spaces, etc. Achieve the solid hardwood look without worry of water damage or lack of durability.

Who can benefit from WPC flooring?

· Parents (holds up well to spills)

· Pet owners (won’t cause pets to slide around like laminate does, accidents are easy to clean up)

· Business owners (traditional hardwood look at the good price and easy maintenance)

· Everyone!


Why WPC instead of laminate?

It’s water resistant unlike laminate, doesn’t produce a hollow sound when walked upon with heels, needs less prep work before installation, thicker and sturdier construction holds up well to uneven subfloor, and the planks generally have thicker wear layers.

· Easy to install by yourself! The planks click together and can be installed on top of moderately uneven/cracked subfloor

· We carry accessories as well (T-molding, stairnose, shoe molding, reducer)

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