Contemporary Modern Bathroom in Columbus


Minimalist and clean-lined, contemporary modern bathrooms appeal to those who prefer living without clutter or visual clatter. Explore our gallery of bathroom pictures to learn how to put the principles of contemporary bathroom design into play for streamlined lavatories that reflect your individual style.

Modern bathroom design can work well in bathrooms ranging from tiny to titanic, but because of the relatively unadorned, seamless aspects of modern design, this style is particularly attractive for homeowners who wish to maximize a smaller bathroom space. One element of modern bathroom design that can be a great complement to a small space is a raised or pedestal sink, often in angular, rounded or gently curving stainless steel or porcelain. This efficient fixture choice can make a style statement while doing double-duty as a space saver, as it doesn’t require the sink to be set in a larger cabinet, allowing for an elegant and airy effect.

Build a contemporary bathroom design around understated earth tones or a monochromatic palette that you can energize with an interesting interplay of smooth, polished, rough, and woven surfaces; sculptural fittings; and mod motifs. Choose freestanding bathtubs with simple lines, or opt for a walk-in shower outfitted with seamless glass doors and gray tile walls. Consider adding a wall-mount angular sink or a contemporary bathroom vanity that appears to float a foot or two above the floor. See how different types of contemporary bathroom vanities and cabinets — equipped with slab doors treated with natural wood finishes, colorful stains, or lacquer veneers — contribute progressive profiles that turn a bathroom’s vanity wall into a focal point. Contemporary bathroom design also calls for style-apt illumination, so take note of the contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures, including statuesque chrome sconces, colorful glass pendants, recessed down lights, and hip track lights that underscore a bathroom’s up-to-the-minute leanings.

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